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What is kindergarten ?
  • It is the first place that parents go to as a second stage in the child’s life, where he moves to rely on himself and learn about the social environment around him, and from here the child’s personality begins to appear in its basic form, where its features are drawn to mature more.
  • Owns a large percentage on the life of the child, his directions and his way of dealing in the stages that follow kindergarten Therefore, this stage received from us the greatest attention and focus mixed with experience.

At this age, we are keen on
  • Develop children’s abilities and prepare them for school
  • Learn to communicate and interact with others with coordinated groups in an organized manner
  • Helping most children who used to spend most of their time at home to adapt to being away from their parents without feeling fear or anxiety, introducing them to a wider community than they are accustomed to, and providing them with mixing skills
  • Encouraging the child to develop language and motor skills
  • Develop curiosity and encourage him to question
  • Develop children’s awareness of the rules of health and safety that they need in their daily lives
  • Develop children’s awareness of good health habits

Kindergarten 1

from age (3-4) years

Kindergarten 2

from age (4-5) years

Kindergarten 3

from age (5-6) years

In the Kindergarten we believe that every child is unique

  • He has his own way of learning
    Therefore, we provide them with a stimulating and safe environment, taking into account the individual differences of each child through a variety of data that includes the familiar and the new.
  • It allows every child to take what he needs from it
    It gives them the opportunity to build concepts, not by teaching them in an abstract way, but by making room for it
  • To see, to listen, to grasp, to feel, and to act by oneself

Admission method for students

The school will process personal data concerning students and parents, including sensitive personal data such as medical details of students.Students and parents are subject to the school’s policies, some of which are on the school and others are available upon request from the school.The school takes students on short educational visits which may mean nominal costs and that the school is not to be held responsible for any injury or accident which may occur although all due care and attention will be taken; the school has public liability insurance cover for the premises. Similarly, accidents could occur on school premises and the same would apply.Students have to adhere to the school’s rules and regulations at all times including the adherance to the school uniform policy as outlined in the parental handbook.The standard terms and conditions of the British School will undergo changes from time to time as circumstance require and will apply to all students and parents regardless of when students joined the school.

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